Digital LED Poster Display & Cinema Signage Protection

Transform your theater or cinemas and give your clients the power to interact like never before with theater and cinema digital display screens paired with PEC’s popular TV and display enclosures. Below we have included a look at the advantages of utilizing TVs and digital displays for movie theater digital signage and movie poster light boxes.

Theater outdoor digital led poster display The TV Shield PRO 

Benefits of an Indoor & Outdoor Digital LED Poster Display

The benefits of using TVs and displays for indoor and outdoor digital signage are clear, because this medium allows you to catch your audience’s attention the best way possible with engaging image, video, text, and sound capabilities. Plus, TVs and digital displays can incorporate smart software so you can even streamline content across displays. Or if touch screen interactive displays is on the radar for your theater, that’s an option too. The possibilities are limitless.

Common Theater & Cinema TV & Digital Signage Uses:

  • Utilize a digital display as an electronic menu board for concession stands
  • Offer wayfinding to communicate locations of auditoriums, restrooms, etc.
  • Show a playlist of HD movie posters (essentially create a digital poster display) with showtimes, ratings and video trailers, essentially creating a digital box office display solution
  • Promote concession stands, loyalty programs, advanced screenings, theater events, etc.
  • Display important alerts and emergency information during an emergency
  • Show movie theater news, job offers, etc.
  • Display weather and traffic on digital signs near the exit
  • Entertain customers waiting outside, in lines or in lobbies to reduce perceived wait times

How to Protect TVs & Digital Displays at Theaters & Cinemas

One common concern with investing in TVs and displays for theaters and cinemas is damage prevention. Who wants to invest in electronic equipment only for it to be damaged by tampering, theft, weather, or other threats? The great news is that there is a solution! TVs and digital displays can be housed in indoor and outdoor TV and digital signage cabinets. In addition, these cabinets can even protect other media devices behind the TVs or displays as well.

Theaters are popular and fun social spaces, which means there’s a significant amount of foot traffic. Due to their attendance rates, they’re excellent spaces for endless entertaining and communication.

In fact, according to some studies, moviegoers are more likely to embrace advertising in the theater than on the internet or TV. Protective TV and display enclosures enable theaters to convert outdoor poster boards to outdoor digital signage and protect it from tampering, weather conditions, and more. In addition, our indoor low-cost units are perfect for protecting indoor digital video signage as well.

 The TV Shield PRO outdoor theater digital signage

TV & Display Enclosure Uses for Theater & Cinema Signage

  • Movie poster light boxes
  • Outdoor movie poster display case
  • Indoor movie theater digital signage
  • Outdoor theater digital signage
  • Cinema poster light box
  • Cinema signage
  • Digital poster display
  • Movie poster box display
  • Backlit movie posters
  • Movie signage
  • Digital light box
  • Theater digital signage
  • Cinema digital signage
  • Concession signage
  • Concession menu boards
  • Ticket signage
  • Digital ticket boards
  • Schedule display signs
  • Drive-in movie screens
  • Drive-in theater signage



Indoor & Outdoor Digital Signage & LED Poster Display Enclosures

 The TV Shield PRO digital signage box for cinema signage


Ready to Protect Your TVs & Digital Poster Displays?


Here are some popular enclosures for cinema poster light box and digital signage theater applications. Select an enclosure below or contact us for support.

Protective Enclosures Company weatherproof digital signage boxes 

The Display Shield (Polymer)

The TV Shield PRO (Powder-Coated Aluminum and Steel)

The TV Shield PRO Touch (Powder Coated Aluminum and Steel)

The TV Shield PRO Lite (Powder Coated Aluminum)

The TV Shield PRO Lite Touch (Powder Coated Aluminum)

The TV Shield PRO Portrait (Powder Coated Steel)

The TV Shield PRO Portrait Touch (Powder Coated Steel)


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