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Common Customer Questions



Can I use any TV or display?

Yes any standard flat screen television or display can fit inside The Display Shield® within the specifications below. This includes LED, LCD or Plasma.



Will my TV fit inside of The Display Shield®?

Below are the general sizes available for each unit (includes a maximum break down of dimensions).

XSmall Unit: 19-29 inch displays
Small Unit: 30-42 Inch displays
Medium Unit: 43-50 Inch displays
Large Unit: 51-60 Inch displays

Maximum Size Television / Display:

XSmall Unit Max Size Dimension of Your TV or Display = 

INSIDE Back of enclosure dimensions
Width (27.25")
Height (19.0")
Depth (4.75")
These dimensions are for  the largest display you can use in the enclosure without our display spacer kit.

Maximum INSIDE dimensions
Width (27.75")
Height (19.75")
Depth (4.75")
These dimensions are for  the largest display that will fit into the enclosure with our display spacer kit.

OUTSIDE dimensions
Width (32.25")
Height (23.75")
Depth (6.25")

Small Unit Max Size Dimension of Your TV or Display =

Maximum INSIDE dimensions
Width (38.75")
Height (23.5")
Depth (4.31")

OUTSIDE dimensions
Width (42.25")
Height (27.125")
Depth (7")

Medium Unit Max Size Dimension of Your TV or Display =

Maximum INSIDE dimensions
Width (45.25")
Height (27.75")
Depth (5.25")

OUTSIDE dimensions
Width (49.13")
Height (31.63")
Depth (7.50")

Large Unit Max Size Dimension of Your TV or Display =

Maximum INSIDE dimensions
Width (55.50")
Height (35.25")
Depth (4.10")

OUTSIDE dimensions
Width (59.20")
Height (39.40")
Depth (6.70")

Still not sure? Please give us a call 1-800-331-2628 or submit an inquiry using our contact form and we will contact you asap with confirmation of your fitment.



How does The Display Shield® mount?

The enclosure is mounted “sandwiched” between the display and any standard “store bought” VESA TV mount, we also offer specific mounts that we have selected that are of great value and offer all the features you could want. 



What is The Display Shield®?

The Display Shield® is the ultimate indoor and outdoor digital monitor protection. The Display Shield®, outdoor display enclosure and cover is designed to protect from water, weather, flying objects and theft. This unit is the solution to being able to use any standard display (not the expensive outdoor displays) in an outdoor environment, while also securing the display against theft and damage, outdoors, or indoors.



What are the differences between The TV Shield® & The Display Shield®?

The TV Shield is a “residential grade” enclosure at a lower price point which can open and close easily for direct viewing and listening of the TV or display. The Lexan Polycarbonate shield is hinged at the top with prop arms that that can be used to keep the shield in the open position. There are two (2) locks (chambered) for security. Fans don’t come standard and can be ordered as an option. The HMWPE Housing and Polycarbonate are made of a thinner gauge on the small and medium enclosures.

The Display Shield is a “commercial grade” enclosure that comes standard with security screws used all the way around the Polycarbonate Shield. It cannot be opened easily nor propped ajar like The TV Shield. This is perfect for those who intend to put the TV or display in and leave it closed, sealed and secure at all times.

All HMWPE Housings and Polycarbonate shields are heavier gauge for a stiffer stronger body. Fans come standard on all The Display Shields; two (2) fans are used on the “large” enclosures.

Want a detailed spec comparison? Check out our compare guide.



How do the speakers sound in The Display Shield®?

Some commercial environments are quieter than others and do not have significant ambient noise. In such cases, depending on the speakers on the display used in the unit, external speakers may not be necessary. In noisy locations, many commercial clients choose to connect their monitors to external speaker systems for optimal results.




How do you get your TV to move forward in The Display Shield®?

All sizes with the exception of the extra small unites come with built in Spacer Kits to push the TV or display to the front. A separate Spacer Kit that is not already built in is also provided for the extra small enclosures. This Spacer Kit is designed to allow you to set your display or TV 2" further off the back of The Display Shield enclosure moving it closer to the clear front panel. You get better viewing, cooling and cable clearance in the back with this spacer kit.




Is glare an issue and how can it be addressed?

We have tested many different glare reducing films and most have not worked to our complete satisfaction. Using a glare reducing Polycarbonate Shield on all enclosures creates a problem for off axis viewing and makes for a blurry direct view in many circumstances. However the best anti-glare solution that PEC has found is an overlay film called GlareStopper TM which we currently offer on our sites for all enclosure models. This film reduces glare by about 90% according to the manufacturer and our testing has validated their claim. We have also found another film called “NuShield,” which we estimate reduces glare by about 40% and does not create any off axis issues. These films are located on the Climate Control Accessories page. As always one of the best solutions is to make sure you mount the enclosure as high as possible, facing away from the sun and point it downward. If this does not eliminate your glare issue add the GlareStopper film.



Is there a thermostat or auto off feature on the fans?

The current The Display Shields do have a fan that is thermostatically controlled to turn it  on and off.



Where does The Display Shield® ship from?

PEC has multiple shipping locations, most accessories will ship from our corporate location in Florida, all The Display Shield® Enclosures will ship from our Kansas location and most mounts and select accessories will ship from New York or Florida. You may receive separate shipments from different locations when placing an order. Drop shipping is available for dealers.



What kind of material is The Display Shield® made out of?

We researched and tested scores of materials (metals, coated wood/synthetic wood products, fiberglass, and many plastics) until we found the perfect solution. The Display Shield® outdoor weather and water resistant display enclosure and cover is crafted from a premium, flexible material because of its strong, water resistant, scratch resistant, and UV resistant properties. The housing of The Display Shield is made from HMWP or High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. The front panel is made from ultra-clear LEXAN polycarbonate.



Does the The Display Shield® protect the back as well as the front of a TV?

Yes, The Display Shield® is a complete TV and display enclosure and protects your display 360°. The display mounts inside of the outdoor monitor enclosure.



Will The Display Shield® work with different kinds of wall mounts?

Yes, The Display Shield® is engineered to be “universal”, and is able to be used with all “standard” VESA mounting systems, up to 600x600. The Display Shield® is manufactured with pre-measured and marked “divot” systems, in which you can drill out the back of the unit in pre-molded divots to fit your mount and configuration (this not only lets our Patent Pending The Display Shield be “universal”, but also allows the minimum of holes or moisture entry points), using the provided instructions.



How long will it take to recieve my product?

Unless otherwise specified on the order page, we keep inventory of all products in stock, available for shipping within 2 business days. Orders received before 2pm Eastern time Mon-Fri, will ship the next day and in some cases the next business day. Orders Received on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays- will ship within 2 business days. Some products ship from separate locations and you may receive separate tracking information. Order arrival will be based upon chosen shipping method, shipping conditions and per carrier.



How is my order shipped?

The Display Shield® ships via FedEx or UPS and offers Ground, 3 and 2-Day delivery.

FREIGHT Shipping is available as an additional lower cost alternative, please call for details.

Other accessories will ship either FedEx, USPS or UPS.

When your order ships you will be notified by email and provided tracking information for your The Display Shield order. You may also log into your account and view your ‘order status’ – tracking information is provided there as well. The Display Shield online ordering system currently ships only in the continental United States, however we will be more than happy to assist in shipping internationally via phone orders only.



How do I clean The Display Shield®?

The Display Shield® ships via FedEx or UPS and offers Ground, 3 and 2-Day delivery.

Your outdoor signage cover will look its best when kept clean. The front and back housing can be cleaned with a mild soap and water; however the front panel is a special material, which will look best if you use one of our APPROVED CLEANING PRODUCTS, available on our website.




The TV Shield PRO locks® won’t turn, am I doing something wrong?


1. Sometimes, especially for the first few months while the seal is still stiff, you may need to apply additional pressure pulling the back plate and the front frame together. This can be done by grabbing the back plate with your hand and pushing the front frame together with another person (or your shoulder if another person is not available) to really compress the seal while turning the lock.

2. If this does not work, the small threaded stud that the lock catches onto may have been shifted back in shipping. You can simply take a pair of pliers and bend the threaded stud towards the front of the enclosure by 3 to 4 degrees. This should allow for the cam arm which is attached to the locking mechanism to more freely engage on the stud.

3. Another one that we see from time to time is that the key is simply not all the way pushed into the lock. When you insert the key and start to turn, you need to put upwards pressure on the key to make sure it does not shift out a little bit. If the key does shift out even a millimeter it will not allow you to turn any further.



How do I place an order?

Visit our secure, user-friendly STORE and complete the ordering and payment information. ALL online payments are SECURE and use 128bit encryption for your safety.

You can also CALL US at: 1-800-331-2628

We will be happy to take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.


Still have questions? We are here to help call us 1-800-331-2628 or email us through our contact page.