Indoor & Outdoor TVs & Digital Display Screens for Schools

Communication is crucial, especially across school campuses. Educational facilities have a growing need to improve communication in the digital age which has led to the use of digital signage networks that stay up-to-date across entire college campuses and communicate messages in real-time. Beyond internal communication between faculty and students, digital signs are a much easier and efficient solution to stream game points on score boards and update school lunch menu displays. For higher education facilities, water-resistant digital monitors are a popular solution for digital advertisement boards in stadiums as well. In addition, from elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools to colleges and universities, there are needs for TV protection within classrooms for teaching or other spaces for displaying information and entertainment. TV and display enclosure options are key for protecting displays from children, theft, weather, and more… learn more below.


Interactive Touch Screen TV Screen Protector for Schools 


Outdoor Digital Signs for Schools

TVs and displays offer a vehicle for teaching and general communication across campuses. In outdoor applications, weatherproofed TVs and displays can be used for communicating important real-time schedules, announcements, safety alerts, menus, and more. 


TV Protection for Schools and Education Centers

Some Physical Education instructors are even pairing their TVs or displays with The TV Shield PRO Touch (indoor or outdoor options are available), a touch screen enclosure which enables classroom interactivity and engagement.

TV and Digital Signage Classroom Uses:

  • Present instructional slides
  • Show videos so the students can perform certain exercises
  • Guide games and activities


Need to Protect Displays and TVs for School Gyms from Damage?

A growing number of physical education and athletic programs at schools are installing TVs enclosed within a protective TV or digital display enclosure in their gyms to create an improved environment of learning, fan engagement, information, and entertainment.

The TV Shield PRO TV protection for gym


Utilizing digital displays (digital signage) and TVs in school gyms is becoming increasingly popular because durability concerns can be addressed with a TV or digital screen enclosure. The display enclosure creates a buffer between the TV screens and flying objects such as overthrown basketballs.

Students might be entertained by a basketball cracking a screen, but schools can’t afford to be constantly replacing TVs or especially digital displays. The TV Shield PRO Lite and The TV Shield PRO protective TV and digital display enclosures are some of the most popular solutions. These enclosures are affordable, durable, secure, touch screen capable, weatherproof, indoor and outdoor TV and digital display defense solutions. They are also used in other school locations such as near football fields, concession stands, tracks, swimming pools, and more. Thanks to industry-first sizes up to 85 inches, these enclosures can even be used to protect video walls in gymnasiums or in outdoor locations.


Video walls for Schools

TVs and displays are becoming a popular choice for scoreboards within the gymnasium setting. The displays can serve as a practice tool as well. Many coaches show scouting reports or drill tutorials in the gym.


Live-Streaming for School Events

Many schools today are choosing the gym as their preferred venue for non-sporting events. TVs and displays are ideal for capturing these activities on live video and instantly replaying to show close ups of the events (examples might be a school play, award ceremony or Christmas concert). Schools can also live-stream speeches, graduations, proms, and advertise upcoming events or fundraisers.


Additional Revenue and Sponsor Exposure

Video on TVs and displays also creates exposure for sponsors or additional school revenue from advertisers. Schools are partnering with local businesses who either sponsor the school in exchange for ad space on their TVs and displays or the businesses simply buy ad space. This offers both income and community building opportunities for schools.


Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor classroom options are becoming so important for schools and education programs for so many reasons such as connecting to nature, getting clean air, improving motor skills, reducing potential disease transmission, and more.

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Many times in school settings, TV protection is an important consideration... 


Protective TV Enclosures are Commonly Needed in Education for:

  • Classroom TV protection
  • Sports arena marketing displays
  • Theater stage screens and digital displays
  • Lunchroom menu boards
  • Electronic score boards
  • TVs and digital signs near pools
  • Entertainment complex TVs and monitors
  • TVs in athletic complexes and gyms
  • Chorus and choir room displays
  • Science lab education boards
  • Outdoor TV solution for PE and recess
  • Child safety solution for TVs


Outdoor digital signage enclosure for schools The Display Shield



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The Display Shield (Polymer)

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The TV Shield PRO Lite (Powder Coated Aluminum)

The TV Shield PRO Lite Touch (Powder Coated Aluminum)

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