42-80 Inch Outdoor IR Touch Screen Frame for The TV Shield Pro-The TV Shield

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The TV Shield PRO Outdoor Touch Screen Display Cabinet & Weatherproof TV Enclosure is Revolutionizing Interactive Outdoor Advertising


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Available in Sizes 40-80”

Compatible TV Screen Sizes:

Outdoor Touch Screen TV Case TV Size

Max TV Screen Size (without bezel):
Model Width Height
TVSPRO4250 43.5" 25.5"
TVSPRO4250LT 43.5" 25.5"
TVSPRO5560 53.5" 31.5"
TVSPRO55060LT 53.5" 31.5"
TVSPRO6570 61.5" 36.5"
TVSPRO6570LT 61.5" 36.5"
TVSPRO7580 72.5" 42.5"
TVSPRO7580LT 72.5" 42.5"

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Installation Help:

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Outdoor Touch Screen TV and Display Enclosure Overview:


The TV Shield PRO Touch Protects 40-80"+ TVs and Digital Displays


The TV Shield PRO Touch is a weatherproof, secure and robust outdoor touch screen display and weatherproof TV enclosure that is made in the USA. We have combined The TV Shield PRO enclosure and our IP-65 rated IR touch frame to offer the best solution for outdoor touch screen needs. With The TV Shield PRO Touch you can use any standard off the shelf flat screen TV, completely enclose it and turn it into an outdoor interactive touch screen. Featuring extremely tough metal housing that encases the TV and a high strength shatter-resistant anti-glare polycarbonate front shield, this innovative water-resistant interactive display solution eliminates the risk of having to replace an expensive outdoor touch screen TV or interactive digital sign if the screen breaks. The TV Shield PRO also allows you to enjoy the newest TV technologies on the TV of your choice, rather than being restricted by the technology lag of weatherproof TVs. Below we have included details about both The TV Shield PRO enclosure and The TV Shield PRO IR touch frame.


The TV Shield PRO Outdoor TV Enclosure:


The TV Shield PRO® is built with a combination of lightweight aluminum and steel for ultimate strength and durability. Designed for use with any standard indoor TV or digital display, it is ideal for commercial and professional markets. Developed for outdoor areas, The TV Shield PRO’s proprietary "Quick InstallTM" system is faster to install and maintain than other metal TV enclosures and effortlessly opens with gas shocks for easy access to the display. The internal full motion mount with depth and height adjustment allows for perfect placement of the screen as well as easy added input and back of the display access. In addition, The TV Shield PRO can be used with any external standard VESA mount. The entire unit is secured with dual high strength chambered key locks and comes with a thermostatically controlled and filtered air circulation system. The TV Shield PRO Touch professional-grade weatherproof digital display and outdoor LED TV enclosure comes standard with anti-glare polycarbonate protective shields and has larger size options up to an industry-first 80 inch weatherproof television enclosure.


Our customers favor The TV Shield PRO for TV protection over other expensive outdoor touch screen TV solutions due to its sleek picture frame design (imagine a Ferrari with the durability of a tank), larger sizes options than other outdoor TV solutions, easy install and maintenance functionality, saltwater air damage resistance, durability, water defense, versatile temperature regulation and security.


outdoor touch screen digital display touch frameThe TV Shield PRO Weatherproof IR Touch Frame:


Our touch frame can turn almost any computer imaged surface into a touch interactive device.  Examples of "computer imaged surface" include flat panel displays (LCD, LED, plasma), all-in-one PCs, projection screens, video walls, whiteboards or white walls - up to 200" diagonally.  It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.


interactive display touch the tv shield pro Embedded IR sensors inside the touch frame emit and receive invisible infrared light beams in front of the computer imaged surface.  Whenever your finger or an object breaks through this light grid, it is seen as a touch point which is same as a left mouse click.  Your touch can also perform all the standard tablet gestures and multi touch functions.



The TV Shield PRO Touch Features:

  • Incredibly accurate and responsive outdoor touchscreen technology that includes 2 point touch (can upgrade to 10 touch points for Windows and 4 touch points for Mac) - touch capability can work with both non-touch and touch screen TVs or digital signs
  • Compatible with almost every 40" to 80"+ TV or digital display - You can pick and choose what technology and features you want in a TV
  • 5 year warranty for guaranteed peace of mind
  • Protection equal to IP-55 standards (touch component is equal to IP 65 rating)
  • Paintable powder coated steel and lightweight aluminum housing
  • Filtered ventilation system with dual thermostatically controlled fans
  • Hardware and components are stainless steel or powder coated (using our advanced chemical pre-wash system) for ultimate durability against harsh threats like saltwater air
  • Includes high strength shatter-resistant anti-glare polycarbonate front shields
  • Front panel easily opens with hydraulic gas shocks for direct viewing and maintenance access
  • Dual chambered key lock system for optimum protection
  • “ExactSealTM” triple sealing system for superior dirt & water intrusion prevention
  • All ventilation and cable pass-through systems are protected against bug and water intrusion
  • Internal full motion swivel mount with depth & height adjustment for perfect placement of screen and rear input accessibility
  • Ample interior space behind the TV for installation and protection of cable boxes, media players, amplifiers or any other component required
  • The TV Shield PRO Touch can be used with any external standard VESA mount (floor, ceiling, wall, pole) and can be flush mounted against (not in) the wall with professional installation and separate hardware
  • Housing grounded to built-in commercial-grade power strip (with 12 Ft. cord) for additional protection in harsh environments



Outdoor Digital Sign and Weatherproof TV Cabinet Specifications:


Touch Screen Details:


Infrared (IR)

Touch Sensor Description

Embedded IR sensors form invisible light grid in front of the display.




mouse/tablet emulation

Operating Systems

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac & Linux.

Number of Touch

2-10 for Win 7 or 8., 1-4 for Mac.

Standard Sizes

10.4" to 84" diagonal.

Custom Design

Available up to 200+" diagonal. No tooling charge, no minimum order.

Purchase Options

Complete Assembly or Framed Segments

Activated by

Finger, gloved hand, stylus.

Activation Force


Life Expectancy

60 million touches minimum

Use under Sunlight

Yes.  Adjust the angle to reduce the glare.

Light Transmission

95 to 100%

Operating Temp.

-20 to 70 C

Storage Temp.

-30 to 80 C


2 years

Tech Support

Life-time free

Driver Update

Life-time free

For Integration into standard display

May be suitable.  Please check the dimensions.


Enclosure Details:

  • .177 inch thick shatter-resistant anti-glare polycarbonate front shield (perfect for harsh outdoor conditions)
  • 16 gauge powder coated steel back housing with strength ribs (saltwater air resistant and paintable)
  • .25 thick powder coated aluminum front frame (saltwater air resistant, paintable and lightweight)
  • Internal full motion swivel mount for easy access to the back of the unit and inputs
  • Self-sealing cable pass-through
  • Proprietary "ExactSealTM" triple sealing system for reliable water-resistance
  • Dual chambered key lock system for security
  • Dual thermostatically controlled fans (heaters available)
  • Filtered ventilation system
  • Hydraulic gas shocks to easily prop the front frame up


outdoor touchscreen tv cabinet


outdoor weatherproof tv box with touch screen option


outdoor touch screen tv enclosures


* Please note that anti-glare front shields will significantly reduce the appearance of sun glare on the screen, however, anti-glare coating by nature does have a matte finish that may slightly cause the clarity of the image to not quite be as high as the image on the actual TV screen 




The TV Shield PRO Weatherproof TV Box Protects Against:


Protects Displays, Monitors and TVs from Everything in Any Environment:

  • Water (Rain, pool splashes, sprinklers, wash downs)
  • Harsh saltwater air
  • Moisture (Condensation, dew, steam, humidity, dampness)
  • Dust (Grime build up)
  • Tampering (Burglary, theft, vandalism, attempted destruction of product)
  • Pests (Bugs, insects, birds)
  • High impact (Storms, branches, baseballs, footballs, golf balls, other flying objects)
  • Extreme temperatures (Hot climates and cold environments)
  • Sun 


Additional The TV Shield PRO Weatherproof LED TV Enclosure Information:

Other Things You Should Know:

  • This protective TV box is not designed to be water-submerged
  • Please note that anti-glare front shields will significantly reduce the appearance of sun glare on the screen, however, anti-glare coating by nature does have a matte finish that may slightly cause the clarity of the image to not quite be as high as the image on the actual TV screen 
  • Thermostatic heaters are available upon request (turns on at 41° F and turns off at 47°)
  • Please measure the outside dimensions of your TV, or the planned TV, and compare to the enclosure’s inside dimensions


* Protective Enclosures Company, LLC will not be held responsible for orders placed for TVs or displays over the listed specifications, and although we will accept a return, there will be a 10% restocking fee assessed, as well as the customer will be responsible for actual shipping and return shipping of the unit. If you plan to use the enclosure outside of the recommended and listed specifications, please make sure it will work for you before you order. By purchasing, you acknowledge that you have read and accept these terms and will hold harmless, PEC and all subsidiaries, business partners and officers.


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