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PEC’s affordable, durable, secure, outdoor display enclosures offer protection against water including rain, pool splashes, sprinklers, wash downs, and more. In most weather conditions, these water-resistant TV enclosures and display cabinets offer protection from condensation, moisture, mildew, heat, cold, dust and grime. Even flying objects swept up in storms are not likely to penetrate the enclosure’s strong front shield. Each protective outdoor display enclosure also provides protection against bug intrusion, a common killer of outdoor digital monitors and TVs. Ideal for any arena, stadium, gym, theme park, zoo, aquarium, casino, community center, high school, college (university), church, government building, restaurant, bar & grill, hospital, airport, office or other high traffic environment, PEC’s outdoor digital signage enclosures offer a low cost, install friendly design, vertical format options, durability, water-resistance and security (theft protection and vandalism defense) for TVs and commercial digital signs. PEC enclosures are currently used in over 1200 locations in 20+ countries!


Environmental Digital Display The Display Shield outdoor TV cabinet

The Display Shield ® is an affordable indoor and outdoor digital display enclosure that offers comprehensive protection for digital signage, displays or TVs. It is the most cost effective, light weight, weatherproof display enclosure on the market for protecting signage investments in almost any environment. These weatherproof display cabinets are manufactured using HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), which is a specific plastic rated for outdoor usage and durability. The front panel of the outdoor display cabinet is an industry leading .220 inch thick ultra-clear LEXAN® polycarbonate which is perfect for direct viewing of the display and complete defense against a flying object or tampering. The Display Shield has a semi permanently affixed front shield that is designed to stay closed at all times but does give you the ability to remove and/or upgrade or replace (if it is unfortunately vandalized) the front panel. The Display Shield uses a custom security screw system that requires a specific tool to remove the front panel. This makes the unit completely tamperproof and provides optimum safety for your digital display or TV.

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The TV Shield PRO ™ is a weatherproof, secure and robust protective outdoor TV enclosure and digital signage cabinet that was researched, designed, engineered and is manufactured in the USA. The "hybrid" design is built with a combination of lightweight aluminum and steel, which is powder-coated for the ultimate strength and durability in environmental TV protection. Designed for use with any standard indoor TV or digital display, it is ideal for residential, commercial and professional markets, and has numerous proprietary features based on extensive customer feedback (such as the "ExactSeal™" proprietary triple sealing system for superior dirt & water intrusion prevention). Developed for outdoor areas, The TV Shield PRO's proprietary "Quick Install™" system is faster to install and maintain than any other metal TV enclosure and effortlessly opens with gas shocks for easy access to the display. The included internal full motion, fully articulating mount with depth and height adjustment allows for perfect placement of the screen as well as easy access to the back of the display and inputs after it is mounted (unlike most alternative outdoor TV cabinets), and is specifically engineered to be a superior solution for our worldwide customer base. In addition, The TV Shield PRO outdoor LED TV enclosure can be used with any external standard VESA mount. The entire unit is secured with dual high strength chambered key locks and comes standard with a thermostatically controlled and filtered air circulation system. The TV Shield PRO professional-grade weatherproof digital display and outdoor LED TV enclosure, also comes standard with an anti-glare acrylic protective front shield and has larger size options up to an industry-first 85 inches. 

The TV Shield PRO Touch ™ is a weatherproof, secure and robust outdoor touch screen display and weatherproof TV enclosure that is made in the USA. We have combined The TV Shield PRO enclosure and our IP-65 rated IR touch frame to offer the best solution for outdoor touch screen needs.



The TV Shield PRO Lite ™ is an affordable protective TV enclosure built using lightweight aluminum for ultimate strength and durability. Perfect for indoor TV protection, or outdoor applications that need strong screen defense rather than full weather-proofing, this TV cover is ideal in high traffic buildings, institutional environments, schools, hospitals and more. The durable TV cabinet's base frame bolts to the wall, while the enclosure attaches to the base frame using PEC’s proprietary "Maximum Security™" screw assembly system for the ultimate defense against removal from the wall (this is an open back design). The TV Shield PRO Lite ™ features .177” thick ultra-clear shatterproof polycarbonate for the front shield and a .25” thick aluminum front frame. This protective TV and digital display enclosure will hold up in the roughest and toughest environments including federal correctional institutions. 

The TV Shield PRO Lite Touch ™ is a secure and durable touch screen digital display and TV enclosure that is made in the USA. We have combined The TV Shield PRO Lite enclosure and our IR touch frame to offer the best solution for touch screen needs. With The TV Shield PRO Lite Touch you can use any standard off the shelf flat screen TV, completely enclose it and turn it into a protected interactive touch screen. Featuring extremely tough metal housing that encases the TV and a high strength shatterproof ultra-clear Lexan® polycarbonate front shield, this innovative interactive display solution eliminates the risk of having to replace an expensive touch screen TV or interactive digital signage display if the screen breaks.



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