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Contact The Display Shield customer service for product inquiries, warranty, parts, technical assistance and order status. Please use the phone numbers on this page or email to contact us so we may assist you.

Protective Enclosures Company is the leading US manufacturer of residential and commercial weatherproof TV and digital display enclosures, including The TV Shield and The Display Shield. PEC’s enclosures now protect TVs and digital displays in over 25,000 residential and commercial locations and more than 42 countries worldwide..




Contact The Display Shield PEC Customer Service by Phone or Email

Call Protective Enclosures Company Customer Serivce Phone: 1-800-331-2628
Call Protective Enclosures Company Customer Serivce Direct: 1-321-441-9689
Fax Protective Enclosures Company Fax: 1-321-972-3925
Email protective enclosures company Email: info(at)protectiveenclosures.com







Corporate Headquarters:

Protective Enclosures Company 

385 Centerpointe Circle, Suite 1319

Altamonte Springs, FL 32701




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