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Digital signage for manufacturing The Display Shield 

Manufacturing Facilities Need Durable TV Enclosures

  • TV Ventilation Can be a Problem

In some mills and factories, dust and debris are easily produced during the building or manufacturing process. Designed with PEC’s ExactSeal sealing system, The Display Shield (used without a fan in this scenario) is sealed shut to enable smooth ventilation. In addition, the TV cabinet features filtered vents that allow for some air circulation but help block debris from entering the unit.

  • TVs Can’t be Sprayed During Factory Cleaning

In the past, manufacturers could not place TVs in factory buildings because the TVs couldn’t withstand standard cleaning wash-downs or manufacturing process debris. However, manufacturers from the food industry all the way to yacht manufacturers are now using The Display Shield manufacturing screen enclosure to protect their TVs from water damage.




The Benefits of Digital Production Displays in Manufacturing Facilities

  • Safety awareness
  • Reliable and timely production metrics
  • Quality control
  • Up-to-the-minute production totals
  • Inventory levels
  • Assembly line alerts
  • Production quotas vs. actual performance
  • Reduced accidental employee injuries
  • Delivery information regarding vital components

Some of Our Industrial TV Enclosure Clients

Schwans, Perdue Foods, Tyson, General Motors and Sunrise Yachts are just a few manufacturers who have used PEC’s durable LED TV enclosures in order to place TVs in factories.


Be it protecting TVs or displays for outdoor or indoor facility areas, we have manufacturing signage protection options for various needs. Our The Display Shield enclosure is in high demand for manufacturing facilities and applications requiring debris or dust resistant and wash-down safe TV protection. Companies across the globe are saving thousands of dollars with this solution.

We customize The Display Shield enclosures for your unique application (dust control, wash-down resistance, etc), so please call us today at 800-331-2628 or 321-441-9689 to discuss your need.

Best Materials for Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosures

Outdoor digital signage enclosures are used to protect digital displays from the elements, such as rain, sun, and dust. These enclosures are typically made from different materials, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the best materials for outdoor digital signage enclosures include aluminum, stainless steel, tempered glass, and polymer. These materials are durable, weather-resistant, and provide a clear view of the digital display. Additionally, they are also easy to maintain and clean, making them ideal for use in outdoor environments. Let’s go through a few more.

The Most Common Types of Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure Protection

The most common types of outdoor digital signage enclosure protection include weatherproof, waterproof, and vandal-proof enclosures. Weatherproof enclosures are designed to protect the digital display from the elements, such as rain, sun, and wind. Waterproof enclosures, on the other hand, are designed to completely protect the digital display from water. They are typically made of materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, and feature a seal around the edges to prevent water from entering. This does an excellent job protecting TVs from conditions like rain or washdowns, but waterproof does not mean the enclosure could be fully submerged (placed in a body of water). Vandal-proof enclosures are designed to protect the digital display from physical damage, such as impact or scratches. They are typically made of durable materials such as tempered glass or polycarbonate and feature a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access.

Common Manufacturing Segments Utilizing Enclosures:

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage manufacturing environments are often exposed to high levels of moisture and heat, which can damage digital displays and electronic equipment. 

Pet Food

Pet food manufacturing facilities often have harsh and demanding environments, with high levels of dust, moisture and temperature fluctuations. These conditions can cause damage to digital displays and electronic equipment if they are not protected properly.

Vitamins / Medical

Vitamin and medical manufacturing facilities often have strict cleanliness and sanitation requirements that need to be met to ensure the safety and efficacy of their products. Digital signage enclosures can help to protect displays from dust and other particles, preventing contamination and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Steel Mills

Steel mills are often located in industrial areas where there are high levels of dust, heat, and moisture. These conditions can cause damage to digital displays and electronic equipment if they are not protected properly.

Gun Powder Facilities

Gun powder manufacturing facilities often have harsh environments, with high levels of dust and temperature fluctuations- all not great for digital displays.

Common Manufacturing Usage Needs:

  • Safety communications
  • Employee data
  • Schedules 
  • TVs and digital displays for internal purposes 
  • Branding
  • Production tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Employee training
  • Advertising
  • Product information

Overall, environmental protection solutions are crucial to maintaining the integrity of digital signage and electronic equipment in various industries. Explore our wide range of digital enclosures for your signage today!


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TV and display enclosures by Protective Enclosures Company

The Display Shield (Polymer)

The TV Shield PRO (Powder-Coated Aluminum and Steel)

The TV Shield PRO Touch (Powder Coated Aluminum and Steel)

The TV Shield PRO Lite (Powder Coated Aluminum)

The TV Shield PRO Lite Touch (Powder Coated Aluminum)

The TV Shield PRO Portrait (Powder Coated Steel)

The TV Shield PRO Portrait Touch (Powder Coated Steel)



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