The Display Shield Features Upgraded Security, a Pre-Installed Fan System & Vertical Format Options

The Display Shield weatherproof display enclosure

Case Sizes or 19-65" TVs & Displays

Horizontal & Vertical Orientations

Shatterproof Screen Protection

Ultimate Durability


The Display Shield weatherproof display enclosures and cabinets diagram and schematic with fans, internal mount, vents, and more





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Ken Levonaitis

The staff at PEC are very knowledgeable and always there to help you if need be. I personally worked with Brooke and she was outstanding thru the ordering process, she also assisted with a few follow-up questions I had, and did so in a timely manner.


We love it here at Vetta!!! Keeping our customers here for a few more drinks. Have a good day!

Hamid Bassirpou

I am very happy with this product and the quality of materials used. I have also seen it used now in some of my favorite restaurants outdoor areas such as Morton's Steak House.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone considering an outdoor TV.


Jon Nettleton

So far I have been using The TV Shield to house TV’s in a school gym. As we know PE classes are full of students looking to blow off some steam. Well the shield has protected my TV’s from flying basketballs, volleyballs and any other items. Looks great!

Broney’s Alumni Grill

We used 2 Two Shields at our bar in Athens, OH on the campus of Ohio University and the university staff loves the products for lunch time and the college students are raving about it at night during football games.


The product arrived quickly as said.
The shield does provide protection and was easy to mount, I used a hinged mount so it could move around. All in all it does what it says, I am happy with the result overall.



It's been 5 years now that we bought our TV Shield PRO ; still VERY satisfied about it ! We love our Outdoor TV Enclosure!

Jordan Buser

Ordered a The TV Shield PRO from these guys, shipped quickly and exactly as they said it would. They used a freight service that allowed the delivery guy to bring the package ask the way to where I was installing it. Their product is made in the USA and of the highest quality.

Stevi J

5 Star! Measure your TV exactly. Compare with the dimensions of this. Don’t just assume your TV will fit. Depends if it’s measured diagonally or across. I had to return the original and get a bigger size.



Works great. Using in an industrial space.

Charles S More
(Community Presbyterian Church)

After installing The TV Shield we tested it out by repeatedly hitting it with a Kick Ball, but we won't tell that to the Youth Group Kids. Today visitors can view announcements as they walk by the entrance of our church and watch the services that we stream.

Alton Wright

Just what is needed for a TV to be put outside.


Chad Miller

Overall product delivered just as expected. Love the product and works just like I expect..if you want your TV protected get it.

Rick and Steff

I have had this enclosure for over 2 years. Living in Central Florida it has seen its share of rain and high humidity. Yet, the inside has never been wet and the screen has never fogged over. I have never had to raise the outer screen as the LED TV's are so bright.


These look outstanding! I recently put 2 TV Shields on a commercial patio that holds 100+ people. After only 2 days, I have had customers approach me and tell me how outstanding they look.

PEC's Enclosures Have Appeared on

Bar Rescue, Designing Spaces, & More


Look for The Display Shield® in this Bar Rescue TV Show Clip...

New 2nd Generation The Display Shield® Commercial Enclosure and The TV Shield® Residential Enclosure

The TV Shield® Residential Enclosure (The Display Shield® Sister Product) Demonstration Video

The TV Shield PROTM Professional Enclosure Demonstration Video

The TV Shield® (The Display Shield® Sister Product) on Spontaneous Construction

The TV Shield® (The Display Shield® Sister Product) on Designing Spaces

The TV Shield® (The Display Shield® Sister Product) Protect Your Enclosure from Life Commercial

InfoComm 2019 rAVe Pubs Spotlight


The Display Shield® is Popular for Manufacturing Facilities

The Display Shield® at UCF's Stadium Club

The Display Shield® Vertical Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure in a Hotel Entrance Application

The Display Shield® for a Restaurant Patio Outdoor Digital Menu Board

The Display Shield® Application Example

The Display Shield® at UCF's Stadium Club

The Display Shield® in the University of Alabama's Stadium

The Display Shield® Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure Roller Coaster Installation

The Display Shield® Outdoor Common Area TV Enclosure

The Display Shield® Weatherproof Digital Display Enclosure Restaurant Patio Example

The Display Shield® for Food Truck Outdoor Digital Signage

The Display Shield® Food Processing TV Enclosure

The Display Shield® 65" Demo (Middle Enclosure in Photo)

The Display Shield® Theme Park Weatherproof TV Enclosure

The Display Shield® Food Truck Installation (Landscape and Portrait)

The Display Shield® Food Truck Digital Menu Board Installation

The Display Shield® for Outdoor Common Area TV Protection by Pool

The Display Shield® Vertical Outdoor Digital Sign Food Truck Install  

The Display Shield® on the Bar Rescue TV Show

The Display Shield® by a Pool Example

The Display Shield® Manufacturing Facility Display Protection Example

The Display Shield® Restaurant Patio Outdoor TV Case Install

The Display Shield® Hotel Install

The Display Shield® at The National Navy UDT SEAL Museum

The Display Shield® Factory Example

The Display Shield® Talladega Install

The Display Shield® School Classroom Install

Outdoor TV Enclosure in Time Square

Outdoor Digital Signage Solution for the City of Tavares

The Display Shield® Airport Digital Signage Protection

Restaurant Outdoor TV Case

The Display Shield® Outdoor TV Enclosure Condo/Apartments Example

The Display Shield® Factory Install

The Display Shield® Airport Digital Display Protection

The Display Shield® Weatherproof Menu Board Solution

The Display Shield® Water-Resistance

The Display Shield® Beach House Install

The Display Shield® Beach House Install

The Display Shield® Grocery Store TV Enclosure

The Display Shield® UCF Stadium Outdoor TV Cabinet Install

From outdoor dining to office waiting areas, improve your customer experience without having to worry about weather, theft, vandalism or your budget. Our protective cases allow business owners to affordably entertain and inform customers in any environment with any TV or digital display (even vertical displays).

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