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See The Display Shield TV Enclosure Protecting a TV for the Navy Seal Museum:

The Display Shield at The Navy Seal Museum


Digital signage is vital for efficient government processes. From wayfinding, to communicating safety procedures and real-time data, the importance of digital signage for government institutions spans from military bases, to court houses, state prisons, and museums. Below are a few of many state and federal government locations that benefit from digital signage.

  • Town Hall
  • Courthouse
  • Capitol Building
  • Intelligence Headquarter
  • State Prison
  • Jail
  • Police Station
  • Army Facility
  • National Park
  • State Park Signage
  • Ranger Station
  • Weapons Depot
  • Air Force
  • Military Base
  • Post Office
  • Lighthouse
  • Air Base
  • Government Healthcare Facilities
  • Museum Digital Signage
  • DMV

Government Digital Signage Protection

Many times, these digital signage applications may be in harsh environments with threats like tampering, weather, or other dangers. Specifically designed for commercial applications, indoor and outdoor TV and digital signage enclosures like our The Display Shield are especially popular for high traffic locations as well as high security environments that need safety minded display and TV enclosures. Learn more about government digital signage and PEC’s signage protection solutions below.

Anti-Ligature TV Enclosures

As much benefit as televisions deliver, they also pose a significant risk in certain settings. Places like hospitals, correctional facilities (jails), day cares, and mental health institutions treat televisions and digital displays as safety hazards because they can cause physical harm if not properly mounted, either by accident or by intention.

Anti ligature TV enclosures seek to give facilities a better, safer way to bring television to their audiences. They essentially serve to create an anti ligature TV solution.

The TV Shield PRO Lite anti-ligature TV enclosure at hospital 

The TV Shield PRO Lite anti ligature TV enclosure 

Armed Forces & Manufacturing TV & Display Enclosure Needs

From weapons development facilities to military bases, TV and display enclosures enable improved communication and entertainment delivery by protecting TVs and displays from threats like tampering, theft, water, chemicals, dust, and more. Below are some common examples of how digital signage and TVs are important for manufacturing plants and military bases.

Examples of Communication Needs:

  • Safety awareness
  • Reliable and timely production metrics
  • Quality control
  • Up-to-the-minute production totals
  • Inventory levels
  • Assembly line alerts
  • Production quotas vs. actual performance
  • Delivery information regarding vital components
  • Communicating schedules
  • Showing entertainment

State Park Digital Signage

There is a plethora of needs for state park digital signage. Indoor and outdoor TVs and digital signage are great ways to communicate safety awareness, additional information about the park, and entertainment around the grounds. Outdoor digital signage enclosures allow parks to place TVs and displays almost anywhere without having to worry about tampering, weather conditions, and the like.

State park digital signage The Display Shield and The TV Shield PRO 

Protect Museum Digital Signage

There is no doubt that bright, engaging, interactive (touch screen) digital signage that incorporates images, video, sound, and text creates a much more immersive experience for museum visitors. But how are museums protecting TVs and digital signage? Museums often face a limitation of having to place TVs or displays far out of reach from visitors (which also typically means they’re harder to keep clean and lasting). Or when trying to use touch screen displays, there is significant risk of tampering and wear and tear damage that means having to replace the expensive equipment frequently. Fortunately, museum digital signage enclosures are a great solution that offer digital signage screen protection, temperature control, dust resistance, and many more helpful features. In addition, museums love that media devices can also be protected inside with the TV or display.  


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The Display Shield (Polymer) 

The TV Shield PRO (Powder-Coated Aluminum and Steel) 

The TV Shield PRO Touch (Powder Coated Aluminum and Steel) 

The TV Shield PRO Lite (Powder Coated Aluminum)

The TV Shield PRO Lite Touch (Powder Coated Aluminum)

The TV Shield PRO Portrait (Powder Coated Steel)

The TV Shield PRO Portrait Touch (Powder Coated Steel)





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