How Water Parks Can Safeguard Televisions and Display Signage with Weatherproof Enclosures

How Water Parks Can Safeguard Televisions and Display Signage with Weatherproof Enclosures

Posted by Emilyann Allen on 18th Mar 2024

How Water Parks Can Safeguard Televisions and Display Signage with Weatherproof Enclosures

Water parks are where fun meets sun and splashes are a way of life! These vibrant recreational destinations are about creating unforgettable experiences. One element that adds to the excitement, amusement, and safety is the use of TVs and digital displays. With great technology comes great responsibility – safeguard these valuable investments from challenges posed by water park environments. Dive into how water parks can protect TVs and digital signage with enclosures, ensuring entertainment value and durability.

Table of Contents:

Using TV and Digital Signage at Water Parks

Threats to Having TVs and Digital Displays at Water Parks

How to Protect Digital Signages at Water Parks with Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosures

Spotlight on The Display Shield and TV Shield PRO as Solutions

Choosing the Right Outdoor Television Enclosure for a Water Park Setting

Why Investing in Weatherproof Enclosures is Smart for Water Park Businesses

Why TV and Digital Signage are Popular at Water Parks

Water parks are bustling activity hubs, where visitors have thrilling adventures and relaxation. In such dynamic environments, the use of TVs and digital signage completes guest experiences.

  • Tourism & Leisure: Enhance visitor experience through the use of TV and digital signage strategically placed throughout the park. These modern communication tools provide visitors with valuable information about attractions, entertainment shows, dining options, and safety guidelines.
  • Entertainment: Interactive multimedia presentations on touch screen display panels enhance visitor experience. Management can strategically utilize these dynamic platforms to engage visitors while waiting their turn in attractions and rides. These TVs and displays can even be paired with interactive touch screen enclosures for added entertainment.
  • Message Boards: Outdoor TVs and digital displays are an effective communication tool for park management to convey messages such as current wait times, upcoming events, and other relevant information. Showcase promotional content, safety guidelines, and park maps. The digital displays deliver real-time updates and announcements for smooth operations. These screens can serve as electronic menu boards or wayfinding boards.
  • Digital Experience: Park operators can display live countdowns for rides, creating anticipation and excitement. These screens can simulate or recreate the experience of a particular ride, allowing visitors to taste what's to come before boarding. This immersive technology enhances the experience and manages crowds with real-time updates.
  • Revenue Opportunities: TVs and display screens create opportunities for revenue generation via upselling techniques as well as advertising partnerships with vendors and sponsors. Strategically placing advertisements on these digital platforms, water parks can boost their bottom line while offering valuable brand exposures.

Threats to Having TV and Digital Displays at Water Parks

Water parks are known for their fun and exciting atmosphere, but they can also pose challenges when using TVs and digital displays.

  • There is a risk of water damage. Splashing water, humidity, and even accidental spills can potentially harm electronic equipment.
  • Exposure to harsh weather conditions is a consideration. Rain, flying objects during storms that cause impact damage, sunlight which can cause heat damage, extreme temperatures, and sudden temperature changes may impact performance and longevity.
  • Vandalism or accidental damage from guests may occur.
  • Dust, dirt, and debris in outdoor settings accumulate and affect screen visibility and device functionality.

Disregarding proper protection leads to costly repairs or replacements. Safeguard your TVs and digital signage investments by implementing protective measures such as enclosures designed for outdoor use.

How to Protect Digital Signage at Water Parks with Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosures

Water parks are undoubtedly exciting places, that’s why it’s fundamental to protect TVs and digital signages from possible overexcitable visitors. Exposed to water splashes, humidity, and the occasional impact from playful guests, these electronic devices need extra care.

  • Use indoor and outdoor TV enclosures specifically for water park settings. These enclosures are protective shields which safeguard screens from moisture, dust, and physical damage while allowing optimal visibility and functionality.
  • Choose the right type of enclosure that suits distinct needs – whether it be wall-mounted units near splash zones or freestanding structures by pool areas. Consider factors like water resistance features such as seals, material quality, ventilation options, and security features for long-term protection.

Investing in TV enclosures tailored for water parks is beyond preserving your investment; it's enhancing guest experience, ensuring that displays remain operational and impactful.

What is The Display Shield and TV Shield PRO Solution

Water parks are a vibrant and exciting environment, posing challenges for electronic equipment like TVs and digital displays. That's where indoor and outdoor TV enclosures come in handy to safeguard these investments from potential damage.

  • The Display Shield changes the way we protect and safeguard digital displays. With its patented design, this sturdy TV enclosure is weatherproof and secure, perfect for indoor and outdoor use with any off-the-shelf plasma, LCD, OLED, or LED flat screen television. View content directly through the clear front panel and the front panel can be removed when needed for maintenance access.
  • The TV Shield PRO outdoor TV enclosure is the ultimate solution for protecting valuable TVs from environmental threats. Constructed from robust powder-coated aluminum and steel, this enclosure withstands rain, saltwater air, dust, moisture, hot and cold temperatures, tampering, bugs, impact and more. The Display Shield offers the longest durability in direct daily water exposure and The TV Shield PRO holds up well for regular outdoor use.

Whether the water park is in a coastal area with harsh weather conditions or simply for longevity of outdoor displays, these enclosures offer peace of mind. The Display Shield and The TV Shield PRO are engineered to endure harsh outdoor conditions. They are ideal choices for water park settings where exposure to moisture and sunlight is inevitable.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Television Enclosure for a Water Park Setting

An indoor and outdoor digital signage enclosure is meant to withstand elements such as water splashes and UV rays without compromising the functionality. Look for waterproof and corrosion-resistant resources.

  • Visibility - Choose an enclosure that provides clear viewing angles for guests while keeping the screen protected. Anti-glare features can also help improve visibility in bright indoor or outdoor settings.
  • Size - Ensure the chosen enclosure fits perfectly with your TV or display signage, allowing proper ventilation and cable management. A proper fit allows space for your desired equipment inside the case while also making sure you're happy with the aesthetic result. Make sure to correctly mount everything inside the enclosure to prevent potential damage by shifting or movement within the enclosure.
  • Ease of access - Opt for enclosures with convenient openings or panels for technicians to easily reach the devices. This will simplify upkeep tasks and minimize downtime at your water park.

Why Investing in Weatherproof Enclosures is Smart for Water Park Businesses

Investing in enclosures for TVs and digital displays at water parks is a smart move for businesses. Protecting these devices prolongs the lifespan and ensures uninterrupted operation.The use of TV and digital display enclosures like The Display Shield and The TV Shield PRO provides a cost-effective solution for durability. These are engineered for outdoor use, ideal for places where exposure to water and other environmental factors is inevitable.Regular maintenance and upkeep of enclosures maximizes their effectiveness. Inspect for wear or damage regularly to prevent issues from escalating into costly repairs or replacements. Prioritize the protection of TVs and digital displays with TV and digital signage enclosures for a proactive step that benefits water park businesses. Not only do The Display Shield and The TV Shield PRO safeguard your investment but they also maintain a positive guest experience.


What is a display shield?

The Display Shield is an indoor and outdoor display enclosure that offers comprehensive protection for digital signage, displays, or TVs. It is the most cost-effective weatherproof display enclosure on the market for protecting signage investments in almost any environment.

What are the benefits of displays for attractions?

By using digital displays, visitor attractions can quickly and easily communicate important information, such as exhibit details and directions, and can also use the technology to create interactive and immersive experiences for visitors.

What is signage and its importance?

Signage is a multi-purpose marketing tool which can be used for many reasons such as; to draw attention to promotions, convey important information and directions, and also to build brand awareness.