AT&T Stadium, Home of Dallas Cowboys, Doesn’t Have to Pony Up this Season: Saves on The Display Shield

4th Sep 2014

AT&T Stadium (Home of Dallas Cowboys) Now Has The Display Shield by PEC for TV & Digital Signage Protection

Orlando, Fl. (PRWEB) September 05, 2014

Dallas Cowboys Don’t Have to Pony Up this Season: Save on The Display Shield

In addition to the Dallas Cowboys schedule kicking off with an exciting match against the 49ers (San Francisco), the Cowboys have also been working with AT&T on implementing faster internet speeds, interactive digital displays, and a mobile app that interacts in the AT&T Stadium during games. The stadium is also investing in The Display Shield bulk display enclosures. A popular solution for signage protection among sports arenas and outdoor facilities, The Display Shield weatherproof enclosures are a wise financial investment for The American Football Franchise. Offering water-resistance and security, twenty of Protective Enclosures Company’s newly designed digital signage cases (The Display Shield DS5060H-2 models) will be located in the AT&T Miller Lite Corral outdoor pavilion.

CEO at PEC, Justin King, commented on the deal “PEC couldn’t hope to be part of something more amazing… the AT&T Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys) is an icon and close to the heart of America. PEC will be cheering as the exciting interactive stadium updates continue, and as The Display Shields are integrated.” The Dallas Cowboys are an American icon. They came in at number three on The World’s 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams list by Forbes Magazine. This install is an impressive addition to PEC’s list of successes, some of which include Talladega Superspeedway, Bobby Dodd Stadium (used by Georgia Tech), the University of Mississippi, Bryant-Denny Stadium (arena used by the University of Alabama), EverBank Field (where the Jacksonville Jaguars play), Marriott, Six Flags and more.

The Display Shield was selected by the home of Dallas Cowboy's, AT&T Stadium, due to its versatility, the quality of the product and cost-savings. Made of ultra-clear Lexan ® polycarbonate, the same material used to produce bulletproof glass, the front covers (shields) offer ultimate durability and screen protection. The Display Shield’s thermostatically controlled 36CFM 115V filtered fan coupled with two vents located on the upper side corners regulate the temperature of the enclosed display. These weatherproof units weigh significantly less than alternative digital signage protection solutions and are made of lightweight, yet highly durable and long lasting HMWPE outdoor plastics. In addition, the Dallas Cowboys pointed out that their displays won’t be taking damage, so they’ll need to be replaced less often and when they are replaced, they’ll be able to continue to be housed in PEC’s protective The Display Shield enclosures. That’s a money saver situation and a win-win.

About PEC:
Protective Enclosures Company (PEC) is a privately held, US based manufacturer of affordable, lightweight, weatherproof and secure protective enclosures for TVs, Flat Panel Displays and Digital Signage.

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