Protecting TV and Digital Signage in Sports Environments with Enclosures Such as The Display Shield

Protecting TV and Digital Signage in Sports Environments with Enclosures Such as The Display Shield

Posted by Protective Enclosures Company on 7th Dec 2023

Welcome to the world of sports where the action is non-stop, and the atmosphere is electric! In such a vibrant setting, TVs and digital signage play a crucial role in enhancing the experience. However, these valuable assets face numerous threats. That's where indoor and outdoor TV enclosures like The TV Shield PRO and The Display Shield come in - robust solutions to protect your digital displays in any sports environment.

Table of Contents:

Who Needs Protection

Overview List of Sports Settings Using TV Enclosures

Common TV and Digital Signage Uses in Sports

Where is Protection Needed?

Physical Impact Risks

What to Do: Solutions for TV and Display Protection


Who Needs Protection

In the dynamic and often unpredictable world of sports and physical activity, the need to protect digital displays extends across various groups and settings. Each of these environments presents its own set of challenges and risks, making it essential to understand who needs this protection and why.

Sports Teams and Athletic Clubs

Digital displays in sports complexes play a crucial role in both training and game-day experiences. However, these settings are rife with potential hazards. Let’s discuss.

Game Day Risks

During matches, the intensity and focus are high, and the risk of damage to digital displays is significant. From a stray soccer ball to an enthusiastic celebration, screens are vulnerable to physical impacts.

Training Sessions

Even during practice sessions, the proximity of screens to the action can lead to accidental damage. High-speed sports especially pose a risk of balls or equipment striking screens.

Visibility and Accessibility

Screens in these environments often need to be placed close to the action for visibility, which inadvertently puts them at greater risk of damage.

The TV Shield PRO School Gym TV Protector Testimonial

Gyms and School Athletic Programs

Gyms and school athletic programs integrate digital displays for a variety of purposes, from showcasing workout information to displaying sports day events. These environments require robust protection.

High-Energy Activities

The energetic nature of gym workouts and school sports can lead to accidental impacts with the screens, whether from equipment, balls, or even the athletes themselves.

High Traffic and Usage

With a constant flow of people using these facilities, the likelihood of accidental bumps or tampering increases.

Diverse User Base

In school settings, particularly, the users of these screens range from young students to adult staff, increasing the variability of how the screens are interacted with and the potential for unintended damage.

Physical Education (PE) Departments

In the context of PE departments, digital displays have become an essential tool for education and engagement. However, their integration into PE environments also makes them vulnerable if they are not protected by enclosures.

Interactive Learning

As digital screens are often used for interactive learning and displaying instructional content in PE, they are frequently in close proximity to active, moving students.

Outdoor Use

Many PE activities take place outdoors, exposing screens to the elements and necessitating weatherproof and durable protection.

Varied Activities

The wide range of activities in PE classes, from traditional sports to dance and fitness exercises, means screens must be protected in a way that suits a variety of different physical contexts.

Overview List of Sports Settings Using TV Enclosures

  • Arenas and stadiums
  • Concession stands at sports events
  • Dance studios and stages
  • Dugouts
  • Fields
  • Gyms (athletic clubs, school gyms, home gyms, and more)
  • Gymnastic facilities
  • Locker rooms
  • PE spaces
  • Pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Tracks

Common TV and Digital Signage Uses in Sports

  • Advertising signage
  • Electronic menu boards
  • Interactive game and entertainment monitors
  • Interactive information screens
  • Scoreboards
  • TVs for entertainment
  • Wayfinding

Where is Protection Needed?

In the realm of sports, different environments present distinct challenges to TVs and digital signage, each necessitating specific protective measures to ensure the longevity and functionality of these vital technological assets.

Outdoor Venues

Outdoor sports settings such as soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and track fields are in constant battle with the elements. The primary concern here is weatherproofing.

Exposure to Rain

Unprotected electronic displays are highly susceptible to water damage. Enclosures must be designed to prevent moisture ingress, which can short-circuit or permanently damage the internal components.

Sun and UV Rays

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight not only affects the visibility of screens but can also lead to overheating and deterioration of screen quality. UV-resistant materials are essential in enclosure design to mitigate these effects.

Wind and Debris

Strong winds can carry dust, debris, or even small objects that can scratch or impact the screen. Sturdy enclosures can shield displays from such physical damage.

Indoor Arenas

Indoor sports facilities, including basketball courts, hockey rinks, and indoor swimming pools, present a different set of challenges.

Humidity and Temperature Fluctuations

Indoor arenas, especially those with pools or ice rinks, can have high humidity levels and temperature variances. These conditions can cause condensation on and within electronic devices, potentially leading to corrosion or short-circuiting.

Water Hazards

Splashes from pools or melting ice can pose a direct threat to digital displays. Enclosures used in these areas need to be waterproof and resilient to water exposure.

Controlled Airflow

To prevent overheating in a relatively controlled indoor climate, enclosures must allow for adequate ventilation while still protecting the equipment from moisture and dust.

High-Traffic Areas

Areas such as dugouts, locker rooms, gym spaces, and even the sidelines of a sports field are often high-traffic zones.

The TV Shield outdoor TV enclosure protecting TVs at UCF stadium

Physical Impact Risk

In places where movement is frequent and often hurried, the risk of accidental impacts - whether from a stray ball, equipment, or human activity - is high. Digital display enclosures in sports need to be particularly robust and impact-resistant.

Theft and Tampering

High-traffic areas are more vulnerable to theft or tampering, especially in public or semi-public spaces. Secure, lockable enclosures can deter unauthorized access and tampering, ensuring the safety of the equipment.

Accessibility and Safety

While protection is key, it's also important that these enclosures do not obstruct access or create safety hazards in these busy areas. Therefore, the TV enclosure design must balance security with accessibility and compliance with safety standards.

The protection of TVs and digital signage in sports environments is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It requires a thorough understanding of the specific challenges posed by different settings and a tailored approach to safeguard these valuable technological investments effectively.

What to Do: Solutions for TV and Display Protection

In the quest to safeguard TVs and digital signage in sports and fitness environments, The Display Shield and The TV Shield PRO stand out as beacons of innovation and robust protection. These enclosures are more than just TV covers; they are meticulously engineered to act as fortresses, shielding your valuable digital assets from a myriad of threats. Here’s a closer look at how these solutions function and the benefits they offer.

Engineered for Maximum Protection

The Display Shield and The TV Shield PRO enclosures are designed with a deep understanding of the challenges faced in sports and fitness environments.

Material Strength

Constructed from high-grade, durable materials, these enclosures are built to withstand physical impacts, whether from sports equipment or accidental collisions. Their robust construction ensures that the screens inside remain safe and intact.

Weather Resistance

Recognizing the threat posed by various weather conditions, these enclosures are equipped to handle rain, snow, sun, and wind. They feature weatherproof seals that keep moisture and dust out, thus protecting the electronic components from environmental damage.

Temperature Regulation

These enclosures are not just barriers against physical and environmental threats; they also help maintain a stable internal temperature. This is crucial for preventing overheating in summer or freezing in winter, ensuring the displays operate efficiently regardless of external temperatures.

Advanced Security Features

Security is a paramount concern, especially in public or semi-public spaces.

Lockable Designs

To prevent theft and tampering, The Display Shield enclosures come with secure, lockable features. This added security layer is vital in areas where unsupervised access could lead to vandalism or theft.

Tamper-Proof Mounting

The design includes tamper-proof mounting options, making it challenging for unauthorized individuals to remove or alter the enclosure, thus ensuring the display stays where it's meant to be.

Enhanced Usability and Aesthetics

Protection doesn't come at the expense of functionality or visual appeal.

Clear Viewing

The front panels of these enclosures are made with transparent, high-strength materials that ensure clear visibility. This means the quality of the display remains high, without compromising on protection. Anti-glare front panels are also available for these outdoor digital signage enclosures.

Ventilation Systems

Adequate ventilation is key to preventing overheating. These enclosures are designed to allow for air circulation while keeping out moisture and dust, thus maintaining the optimal operating condition of the screens.

The Display Shield’s and The TV Shield PRO’s ranges of TV and digital signage enclosures offer comprehensive solutions to protect your digital displays. These enclosures are thoughtfully designed to address all forms of threats, from physical impacts and environmental factors to security risks, ensuring that your investment in digital signage remains secure, functional, and visually appealing.

Ready to secure your TV and digital signage? Visit The Display Shield website and explore our range of solutions tailored for the sports world.


Can The Display Shield withstand direct impact from sports equipment?

Absolutely! It's designed to handle the rough and tumble of sports environments.

Is The Display Shield weatherproof for outdoor use?

Yes, it's built to resist all weather conditions - rain, sun, or snow.

How easy is it to install and maintain?

Very easy! We provide a straightforward guide, and ongoing maintenance is minimal.

Can I customize The Display for my specific needs?

We offer an array of enclosure sizes and available accessories for a variety of needs.

Is it cost-effective in the long run?

Definitely. The TV Shield PRO and The Display Shield protect your investment and save costs on potential repairs or replacements. They also catch attention which boosts end-user engagement.