Protect Customers and Improve Business with TVs and Digital Signage During and After Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Protect Customers and Improve Business with TVs and Digital Signage During and After Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Posted by The Display Shield on 9th Jul 2020

Outdoor TVs and Outdoor Digital Signage for Business

Recent times have brought significant changes, not only in the form of health and safety concerns due to coronavirus and ripple effects on the economy, but in addition, our country has seen serious unrest, violence, and unfortunately destruction of property and businesses during riots. These are no doubt unsettling and upsetting situations happening across the United States. More than anything, it is of course the hope of all that these issues will get better soon and as many lives will be improved as soon as possible. As businesses look at re-opening and customers begin venturing more to public places again, companies are looking for ways to protect customers and improve safety, sanitization, communication, and morale for their employees and customers. Many businesses ranging from restaurants, theme parks,  schools, government organizations, hospitals and doctor offices, amusement parks, state parks, manufacturing facilities, retailers, and banks to transportation companies and more are turning to TVs and digital signage as a solution….

How TVs and Digital Signage are Helping Businesses During and After Coronavirus

Communicate and Deliver Information without Contact

Whether businesses need to direct visitors and employees regarding social distancing guidelines or provide electronic menu boards people can read from a distance as opposed to physical menus people touch and share, companies are turning to digital signage solutions (often paired with great software solutions). Indoor and outdoor digital signage and TVs are a great solution for communicating to people where to go, what to do, and helping them feel safe. Pairing digital signage touch screen solutions with hand sanitizers or hand wipe kiosks to minimize face to face interactions is another potential solution.

Entertain Anywhere

As visitor capacities allowed in public places are lowered, sometimes to 25% or less, lines and wait times increase. In addition, outdoor spaces are being utilized more for entertainment and seating as the space allows for more distancing. One easy and helpful way to keep guests busy while they wait or are seated outdoors is to entertain them with TV. This will create a better experience and improved satisfaction. Outdoor TV cabinets are the best way to integrate TVs into outdoor spaces as they offer true impact resistance against potential damage, can house other media devices to pair with the TVs, can be completely washed down and easily kept clean, and more.

Improve Security

With the security strains businesses are facing nationwide, imagine setting up cameras outside of your business and projecting the footage on a TV or display for the public to see during off hours. This is an ideal deterrent for looters and rioters that would see themselves on camera in the act and possibly halt their actions. The screens can also display security messages or warnings as needed. On the flip side, screens are also used to display messages ensuring safety measures and helping guests feel safe during business hours.

Simplify Sanitization

Every business needs ways to reduce physical contact and the spread of germs as well as utilize equipment that can be easily sanitized. Consumer protection is a high priority. TVs and digital signage offer a way to communicate via video, audio, images, or text that is hands free. These options can display menus, directions, and more. Unfortunately, historically, TVs and digital displays are not simple to keep clean as they are a bit fragile. Fortunately, TV and display enclosures like The Display Shield or The TV Shield PRO can be easily and fully washed down or sanitized without damaging any electronics inside.

Before and After Examples of TV and Digital Signage Enclosure Installs

Downtown Sidewalk

Downtown Sidewalk with Digital Signage

Restaurant Patio

Outdoor Digital Menu Boards for Restaurant Patio

State Park Pavilion

State Park Pavilion Outdoor Display Case for Safety Sign

Overall, the benefits of indoor or outdoor weatherproof TVs and indoor or outdoor digital signage for businesses such as simplified sanitization, improved security, reduced contact information delivery, and entertainment for improved morale are money savers for any business. These positive impacts improve employee engagement and customer satisfaction while bringing peace of mind to company leadership. Who knew how much TVs and digital signage would play such an important role as technology evolves and the world copes with ever changing challenges?   

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