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View the PEC (Protective Enclosures Company, LLC) Brochure, including The Display Shield PDF Sales and Spec Sheets for Commercial Outdoor TV Enclosures below:


PEC Brochure:

PEC Brochure.pdf


The Display Shield PDF Sales and Spec Sheets:

DS1000H Sell Sheet 19-30" Horizontal Display Shield

DS1000V Sell Sheet 19-30" Vertical Display Shield

DS1100H Sell Sheet 30-47" Horizontal Display Shield

DS1100V Sell Sheet 30-47" Vertical Display Shield

DS1200H Sell Sheet 50-60" Horizontal Display Shield

DS1200V Sell Sheet 50-60" Vertical Display Shield

The Display Shield Manufacturing Features and Benefits.

The TV Shield PDF Sales and Spec Sheets:

TVS1000 Sell Sheet 19-30" TV Shield

TVS1100 Sell Sheet 30-47" TV Shield

TVS1200 Sell Sheet 50-60" TV Shield