Single 92mm Cooling Fan Kit for 44" thru 65" Enclosures (not for PRO)

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PLEASE NOTE: Fans purchased separately will not come pre-installed in your unit. If you would like your fan pre-installed, please see the enclosures category page as we sell units that come with fans.


Protective Enclosures recommends this fan system with integrated filter and 115V direct wall plug for any unit that is placed in direct sun or in hot environments.

The fan power cord has a built-in thermostatic control which turns on at 88 degrees and off at 78 degrees to ensure that your enclosure stays at the proper temperature.

*This product is now installed for our customers at our factory* This Fan Kit can be installed by customer if ordering after initial purchase of enclosure.

Included in Package

(1) Recessed Fan Housing

(1) 115V AC Fan 92x92x25

(1) 92mm Fan Filter Kit

(1) 48in Power Cord

Fan Housing

Custom manufactured fan housing which is recessed into the bottom of the unit in order to not impede in the interior dimensions of the enclosure. Housing is molded out of the same HMWPE plastics used in the enclosure and secured with sealant and security rivets for water, bug and dust resistance.

115V AC Cooltron Fan 92mm x 25mm HS

The high speed 92 by 92 by 25 millimeter 115V AC cooling fan has terminal connectors and can run on 100 to 125 voltages. The fan contains long life dual ball bearings rated at 67,000 hours and can be mounted in any direction. Its housing is constructed of die-cast aluminum and blades molded of thermoplastic. Features impendence protection and is approved by CE, UL, and RoHS.

92mm Fan Filter Kit

The fan filter kit consists of three pieces: a guard, a filter, and a retainer. The guard has four holes which can be screwed onto any cooling fan with a 92 millimeter square frame. The retainer can be easily clipped on and off the guard to reach the filter piece for cleaning

48in Fan Power Plug Cord

The fan cord features a two-hole fan connector head that can be attached onto any AC fan that has terminal connectors. On the opposing end is a NEMA power plug head. The total length of the cord is 4 feet long.