Wooden TV Cabinets vs The TV Shield PRO™ Metal TV Enclosure for Outdoor Digital Signage Protection

Wooden TV Cabinets vs The TV Shield PRO™ Metal TV Enclosure for Outdoor Digital Signage Protection

26th Sep 2019

Outdoor digital signage is taking over. Businesses love the large, colorful displays that help their content get noticed. Signage owners love it for the revenue opportunities. And passers-by can’t help but notice it’s a major step up from typical billboards, posters, and other advertising clutter.

But given the size and expense of digital displays, owners should take care to protect their investment, especially when they want to put their TVs or digital signs outside.

TV and digital display protection comes easy with The TV Shield PRO™.

The TV Shield PRO™ 

Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure:

It’s Made for the Outdoors

Many businesses rely on wooden TV cabinets to protect their outdoor digital signage or they spend astronomical amounts of money to invest in outdoor digital displays. And while wooden TV cases are usually attractive at first, they’re just not made for the outdoors. Wood can easily warp when exposed to moisture over time. Plus, wood is not waterproof or debris proof and can leave your display vulnerable.

Wooden cabinets won’t last as long as weatherproof digital display cases made specifically for outdoor, like The TV Shield PRO™ , which means you’ll be spending more money to replace your cabinets, or worse, your TVs or displays after they get damaged.

It Protects Against Moisture

The TV Shield PRO™ was developed specifically for outdoor digital signage and TVs. The engineering behind the design ensures smooth viewing without allowing moisture to seep through the cracks. Since water can’t get into your display, you won’t have to worry about costly damage to your electrical components.

It Keeps Out Bugs and Debris

Outdoor displays are exposed to all kinds of elements, bugs, and other debris. During storms, the wind may batter pieces of debris against your screen. If left unprotected, your display could suffer severe cosmetic or internal damage that affects its functionality.

The TV Shield PRO™combats these issues by providing 360-degree protection, regardless of the weather or time of year. Your displays look and work like new while enjoying the highest level of outdoor protection.

It Looks Professional

Wooden TV cabinets may start to show signs of wear and tear within weeks of being installed, which doesn’t do much for your professional image. Plus, if you leave your screen exposed, you’re also creating a major cleaning and maintenance headache for yourself.

High quality units like The TV Shield PRO™ aren’t just engineered for protection. They’re also aesthetically pleasing! Because they weather the weather well, your display will continue looking like new over time, needing little to no maintenance. They’re easy to clean, so you can keep your professional image intact with confidence!

The Best Outdoor Metal TV Enclosure: The TV Shield PRO™

Digital signage is an investment and the last thing you want is to lose revenue due to signage damage. Are your outdoor TVs and digital displays protected? The TV Shield PRO™ensures you never have to think twice.

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