The Business Benefits of a TV Screen Protector

The Business Benefits of a TV Screen Protector

Posted by The Display Shield Outdoor on 7th Jul 2020

Indoor TV Screen Protector and TV Screen Protection in Lobby at Hospital

From banks and courthouses to schools and hospitals, screens are everywhere. Many businesses have at least one indoor TV to improve user experience, whether it’s providing entertainment, advertising services, or offering information. While utilizing TVs and digital displays is helpful, many businesses must consider how to protect the TV from tampering, theft, and damage in general.

If you’re not using a TV screen protector, your indoor TVs might not be as safe and secure as you might think. Below are examples of how a TV screen protector can give you (and your business) greater peace of mind.

 TV Screen Protectors Fight Costly Damage 

Most business TVs are plasma, LED, or LCD — all of which are highly susceptible to damage. If the TV is within arm’s reach of a customer, any sort of contact puts your screen at risk. Unsupervised children, intoxicated bar patrons, or a clumsy passerby may cause damage without meaning to. Even when your TV is hanging on a wall far above your patrons’ heads, it could still be a target of vandalism.

TV screens are extremely fragile. Those that are made of glass are incredibly thin and can shatter with the smallest impact. Others that are made of a film-like material are easily scratched and can damage the picture quality.

And if you do end up with screen damage, don’t depend on your warranty to pick up the tab. In the fine print, you might find that cracked screens aren’t covered.

TV repair costs can easily be up to $350, depending on the size and model of your TV. TV repair shops charge as much as $125 per hour , and in most cases, it’s cheaper to buy a new TV than to repair your old one! So, protecting a TV is better than dealing with broken TV repairs.

 Businesses Use Cases for a TV Screen Protector 

Any business can benefit from a TV screen protector if they have a TV within their facility.

Daycares and schools can use TV screen protectors to shield against thrown toys, paint, markers, or rough play.

Jails and mental health facilities benefit from screen protectors because the risk of damage to the TV is higher. Energetic outbursts can wreak havoc on anything in the vicinity, including a poorly-positioned TV.

Though potential risk is lower in banks, courthouses, and professional office settings , it’s still not wise to take your chances. Any damage to your screen will be noticeable to your customers, which could deal an impact to your company image.

In a hospital setting , a screen protector can be invaluable, particularly to medical staff. Not only do patients rely on TVs, but medical teams need an unobstructed view of their surgical cameras and other monitoring devices. Hospitals can’t afford to have a broken screen affect the level of treatment they provide.

Retail stores and experiential businesses like escape roomstheme parksgyms, and other entertainment destinations often use screens and touchscreens to encourage customer interaction. However, there’s always a risk of damage when working with the general public, which is why it’s essential to add security reinforcements to every TV.

 Why an Indoor TV Enclosure Offers the Best TV Screen Protection 

Indoor TV Screen Protection Touch Screen The TV Shield PRO Lite for Schools, Hospitals, and More Businesses

A TV screen protector can help you mitigate risk to your screen, but an even better solution is to protect your entire TV from potential threats. Using an indoor TV enclosure, such as the economical TV Shield PRO Lite, offers superior screen and unit protection without affecting the user experience. The TV Shield PRO Lite even offers touch screen, anti-ligatures, and both landscape and portrait formats.

Using TVs in your business is essential, and you’ll be glad to protect your investment that will offer the user a better experience and provide your business with peace of mind.