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The Display Shield Revealed

Protective Enclosures Company Unveils New Universal Mounting System


Protective Enclosures Company is excited to announce the release of our next generation Universal Mounting System! Our new Universal Mounting System works with either The TV Shield or The Display Shield outdoor TV cabinet.

The TV Shield

With this single solution, you are able to mount any size TV or display that our outdoor TV cabinets and enclosures accommodate. If you’ve had experience installing The TV Shield without our new Universal Mounting System, you know that it can be a bit time consuming to measure out and drill the holes required to mount the TV or display.

The new Universal Mounting System for The TV Shield and The Display Shield outdoor TV cabinets will also give our commercial customers and integrators additional locations to secure A/V equipment like media players, cable boxes and networking products, giving it the same unparalleled outdoor protection as the TV or display being used.

One of the benefits of our new mounting system is that installation of The TV Shield or The Display Shield is cut by about 30 minutes. You will no longer be required to measure and drill another hole.

Instead, The TV Shield and The Display Shield products will come pre-drilled for our new Universal Mounting System.

Benefits Of Our Next Generation Universal Mounting System

  1. Installing The TV Shield or The Display Shield is much easier using our Universal Mounting System.
  2. It reduces installation time up to 30 minutes. Now units do not require individual measuring and drilling. All The TV Shield and The Display Shield enclosures will be pre-drilled.
  3. The Universal Mounting System provides additional rigidity and strength to our protective enclosures.
  4. The TV Shield and The Display Shield can now be compatible with 300x300 VESA patterns.
  5. Gives the ability to space TV or display up to one inch closer to front panel with supplied hardware.
  6. Still provides ample room for additional A/V equipment like amplifiers, modems, cable boxes etc.
  7. Compatible with any 400x400 VESA exterior mount. You can use a flat, tilt, full motion, ceiling or cart.
  8. Full vertical adjustment to be universal with all TV’s or displays no matter where the mounting holes are placed. 
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